Paid content on Facebook is here

This week in social media we review: Twitter crackdowns, scripted Snapchat content, AR marketing, & more!


  • Smell that, LinkedIn? It’s Facebook encroaching on your territory again. The platform is testing out a resume feature.
  • On that note, it seems like Facebook will slowly provide all the best features of every social platform. A new feature, called Sets, takes a page from Pinterest boards.
  • Paid content from publishers on Facebook is beginning to roll out, starting on mobile.



AR, VR, & AI

  • We’ve been saying this for awhile, but AR is looking more and more like the future of brand marketing. Patron debuted a new AR app built with Apple’s AR Kit that brings the user to a “miniature hacienda… complete with a virtual bartender and a tiny agave field.” See how the brand is planning to use this technology to boost their sales…
  • AI technology is being used by financial advisers to generate leads.
  • Publishers are continuing to invest in VR, despite the limited opportunities to sell ads.



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Happy Friday!